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Year 6 at secondary!

Year 6 I have missed you all so much!


How was secondary school?

I want to hear all about it!

Science Week!

Hello everyone!

Last week was the amazing week of science ! All of the classes had such a fun time doing many science experiments. Lots of volunteers came to our school to show us why science is so amazing and how it affects us in different ways. My favourite part was making our dolls houses because we got to be creative and go crazy with all the supplies that we had ! Now we are just waiting for Monday to find out who made the best house.I worked with Sofia.

Who did you work with?

Do you think you will win?

What was your favourite part of science week?


Our house

Me and Charlie have just finished our no outside colour, 1 light, 5 room house with a doorbell. It has a cupboard in 3 rooms. In the bathroom, there is a sink, shower and toilet. In the bedroom, there is a bed, bedside table and cupboard. In the living room, there is a TV, a sofa, a cupboard, and a lamp. In the kitchen there is an oven, a microwave, a table and chairs and fridge. There is pink and yellow wallpaper in side. It has a little penguin who lives in it called ‘Wadlles’.

Exciting visitors!

Today we had some special guests come in to look at the houses we made, some of the guests were parents, grand parents, and other family members. I enjoyed seeing the look on their faces as they had a glance at everyone’s creation. I think everyone did an amazing job even those who doubted themselves, everyone put the effort in and I think it deserves a round of a clause! yes


The amazing house

Does anyone know what the highest volt battery are?


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